Koggala Lake

One of the largest inland water bodies Koggala lake is rich in biodiversity and picturesque elegance, this vast pool of water is right in the backyard. It is also the source of many varieties of fish for CharÌ Lake. Easily accessible by boat or kayak it offers a sense of serenity and peace. Enjoy the moonlit lake at night which is a magnificent and awe-inspiring sight. You can also dine, in close proximity to the lake and sip the cool breeze with your food. The lake is inhabited with a variety of fish that are endemic to the lake and area. The hotel can also be accessed by seaplane which lands in the Koggala lake. Enjoy a relaxing boat ride right back to the hotel from the seaplane.

koggla lake
talpe beach

Talpe Beach

Talpe beach is a very calm and peaceful place, with good views of the waves. There are no crowds and the sound of the waves is very soothing. The rock pools here are said to be around 50 years old and were created to soak coconut husks in order to extract the coir. The best time to visit this beach is early morning, from March to April, when the pools are less likely to be filled with sand.

Underwater Museum Galle

The Galle Underwater Museum is a popular tourist destination in Sri Lanka. The museum was opened in June 2020 and is located close to Galle Harbor. The museum is the latest addition to the Sri Lankan Museum collection and has the main objectives of increasing tourist attraction to the country and creating artificial coral reefs. The museum is located in the 50ft / 15m deep sea and is open 365 days a year.

under water museum
whales watching in mirissa

Whale Watching

Take a cruise or a seaplane over the mighty Indian ocean to watch these magnificent mammals in action roaming in their habitat.


White sandy beaches and the mighty Indian ocean is only a few minutes’ drive.

mihiripenna beach
yala national park


It is the most visited and the second largest national park in Sri Lanka. Home to a variety of animals; Elephants, Leopards, Sloth Bears, Deer and Peacocks roam freely through the park. Ideal for a one day excursion.


Overlooking the Uda Walawe reservoir this elephant sanctuary is an excellent location to experience these majestic animals.

Udawalawe National Park
cinnamon island

Cinnamon Island

Visit the extraordinary Cinnamon Islands and enjoy first-hand an unforgettable experience, the peeling of cinnamon by locals, that will leave you breathless.